Our website is designed to share our love for the Newfoundland breed of dogs.

Welcome to SQUEST PAWS


Squestpaws HQ is home to Prada, Miss Dior and Sancerre 



Our website is dedicated to our lovely Newfoundland dogs - past and present.

We hope that you enjoy our site.

We are aiming at sharing our love of this great breed, and passing on what we have learnt over the years.

We also run a training club and grooming club under the SQUESTPAWS banner so please look at our training page and let us know if we can help you.

In Our first few years of owning a Newfoundland we found it quite difficult to find all the information that we needed, and so we are trying to share what we have found useful.

Our Registered Kennel Name is SQUEST PAWS - dedicated to our first Newfoundland "Sampsons Quest".

All of our dogs are our pets and live in our house as a full part of our family.

Enjoy..............and let us know what you think!

Philip & Cheryl


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